About Myself


What are your interests or hobbies? What are you passionate about?

Classical Music, History, Art and Healthy food

What is your favorite type of food/cuisine?


What is your favorite food memory? Please provide an anecdote.

In the middle of Lucerne, we discovered a 100% vegetarian restaurant completely run by local Swiss gentry. It was not a re-interpretation of Indian cuisine (Thank God for that!), but, really an exotic European food sans meat. When we tried to reconfirm if the food was indeed vegetarian, I remember the waiter saying that everything except him was vegetarian! Not sure if he was being particularly smartalecky or plain helpful. This is a vindication of the truth – “ if we really crave for good food, the universe will rearrange itself to provide it for you”

From whom did you learn to cook? Or, what is the best party you have ever attended or thrown?

I have to learnt to cook from my mom for subsistence when I went to US as a single student; later I learnt from my wife just to be useful when she is sick or in the middle of important errands like childbirth.

Which charity, if any, do you support?

FFE (foundation for excellence), AIM for seva, Karunashraya

Is there anything else you want our Foodies to know about you?

Do you do event re-runs? Like Mexican, Thai etc this time on weekends?

Krishnaprasad Kamisetty