About Myself


What are your interests or hobbies? What are you passionate about?

I like to bake, eat, travel and teach.

What is your favorite type of food/cuisine?

The kind my grandma used to make.

What is your favorite food memory? Please provide an anecdote.

Sitting on the cold floor in my grandmother’s kitchen, endlessly stirring and rolling out hot sweet sticky coconut stuffing for dumplings(kozhakattai) and pancakes (poli).

From whom did you learn to cook? Or, what is the best party you have ever attended or thrown?

Grandmothers, aunts, mum and the host of women who used to congregate at our home every festival and family wedding.

Best party: can’t decide between all the family weddings at home as a child and all the foodie parties my husband and I had in England.

Which charity, if any, do you support?

Kalvi Trust for education and research

Gautami Parekh