Established in 2003, Thayimane is a unit of Shri Vidya Vikas Kendra, registered and recognized under the Department of Women and Child Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka.


Thayimane’s mission is to highlight that each and every person has got social responsibility, and especially those who had an opportunity to get better education and living conditions, to extend a helping hand to those destitute children, orphans, abandoned children, less fortunate and those who are severely abused.

Thayimane’s vision is to establish Children’s Homes in various districts, based on a Family Model, to  receive such children who are permanently left as orphans due to combination of illness, death and severe abuse, where resident mothers  care for children with assistance of other staff.

Physical, Psychological, Educational, Emotional and Spiritual needs are the main thrust of this mission. These objectives can be achieved only if educated and elite people take the responsibility and lead the path for these abandoned children of the society. With this objective in view, this Thayimane was started. Their mission and vision is to make people all over Karnataka  participate in this noble cause.



The vital objective of Thayimane is to make them grow in a family based, long-term residential care and background with quality education.



By providing education, vocational training and other training they help the child to fulfill his/her calling and become a self-sufficient member of the Community.



Thayimane establishes and operates homes that provide children with a loving family environment in which to grow and mature. To help stimulate a family environment, house mothers reside. House mothers are women who have a special capacity for loving children. 25 children reside in each home. Mothers are assisted by other staff in caring for the children, and assistants who help with cleaning, cooking and laundry. Their programmes include personal counseling, field trips, sports and recreational activities, computer classes and vocational training. Our vision is to serve, love and uplift the less privileged.



For all contributions/donations proper financial accounts are maintained and financial statement is submitted to both State and Central government for each financial year.  This often includes donated goods and services from local business and governmental agencies, such as food, health care and clothing.


ACTIVITIES  They conduct dance classes, classes for spoken English and teach them about Horticulture.