AIM for Seva is an independent public charitable trust committed to reach out and care for people who need help. It is a movement of caring, caring for all, irrespective of religion, community and nationality. It started as a program for integrated community development, and soon gathered momentum to become a nationwide movement, touching the lives of over 10 million rural and tribal people across 15 states of India.

The organization has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

AIM for Seva creates a world of caring and compassion for all those in need, particularly in the field of education and health care. It reaches out to children from underprivileged sections of society who do not have access to good education and are therefore denied opportunities for a better future. Most of these children live in tribal, rural or hilly regions, and schools are often inaccessible. Moreover, meagre income and lack of awareness, force them to discontinue schooling and seek employment. AIM for Seva provides the children a clean living environment, nutritious food, uniforms, schooling needs, value based education, extra-curricular activities and more. The objective is to help today's children become responsible citizens of tomorrow and contribute to their family, society and country.

Besides education, AIM for Seva focuses on primary healthcare through hospitals, clinics and mobile medical units. It has reached out to over 2 million people, spread across 5 states.


To transform society through a network of seva, of caring, to help each child contribute to the progress of the nation.


To make education accessible to every child in the tribal, rural, and urban areas through the concept of a Student Home.

To provide basic health care to people living in the remote regions of the country.


To ensure that value based education in a nurturing environment, reaches every home of the less privileged sections of the Indian society.

AIM for Seva is committed to realizing its goal through the concept of a Student Home.


AIM for Seva