What we do



At Food for Cause, we are passionate about great food and great causes. Our aim is to raise awareness

of worthy local charitable projects and to promote their cause by raising much needed funds.


We have an appetite for awareness. We are passionate about making a difference in our community by

raising awareness of local charities so that our members can become more involved. Whether it is the

donation of time, funds or goods, we believe that each and every one of us can make a difference. By

creating a fun, communal experience centered around our common love of food, we create a forum for

exchanging ideas and better social networking to become more aware of our community’s needs and

ways to make a positive difference.

How We Work

Food for Cause donates 100% of the proceeds raised by organizing Cooking Events, which are fun, interactive cooking demonstrations of delicious food from around the world.  Our Celebrity Chefs and Celebrity Hostesses donate all ingredients and venues to create unique gastronomic experiences while raising social awareness of local charities.  Food for Cause has over 100 member participants (or Foodies) who share the same passion for helping those in need.


We are fully committed to providing absolute transparency for the benefit of our members. For each of

our Cooking Events, we choose a charity which is carefully vetted by our Director of Marketing. Prior to

the Cooking Event, our Director of Marketing meets with the representative of the charity, preferably

at the Charity’s site, and discusses specific and itemized uses for the funds to be raised. At the Cooking

Event itself, a representative of the charity must be present to discuss the charity’s overall missions and

accomplishments as well as the proposed use of the funds to be collected. The representative then

collects the funds at the Cooking Event and issues receipts directly to the contributing members. After

the Cooking Event, a representative from Food for Cause has a follow-up visit with the charity to oversee

the appropriate use of funds.

We at Food for Cause DO NOT benefit in any way from the contributions. All of us work on a voluntary

basis and also pay out of pocket for any and all administrative and other expenses. In addition, it is

our strict policy that our Celebrity Chefs and Celebrity Hostesses donate all ingredients and venues or

find other sponsors to do so. ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE COOKING EVENTS ARE DONATED TO CHARITIES and no portion of such proceeds are used to fund any part of the Cooking Events or to pay

any other expenses related to Food for Cause.